Smart parking solutions for smart parking

08 December 2021
Amara Kashif


Smart Parking Solutions

Smart parking system

Smart parking system shows live parking events and controls users full site information with the help of sensing devices such as camera vehicle counting equipment sensor that has been installed in the pavements. For instance, it controls information such as parking trends and abuse of parking spaces, and these decisions can be made around how the status of each bay is regulated.


Increasement of revenues by simplyture smart parking solutions

Simplytures camera-based free-flow parking solutions is, upgrading the industry by saving car operators and owners wastage of time and money and lowering stress that is more commonly related to parking. It is easy, convenient, free flow, barrier-free, ticketless. By implementing simplytures this freeflow smart parking solution will reduce your maintenance costs, optimize your revenue and increase your earnings. They will have a chance to analyze customer journeys and customer behaviour.

Many people love simplyture because of their 300% more loyalty signups, more than 60% webpage visits, 70% cheaper to set up and maintain, 25% increased customer settings.

People are satisfied with this parking system, and they highly recommend this system because of their barrier-free solution and they allow their customers to enter and exit a facility fast and easy with license plate recognition, which improves customer satisfaction and allows more visitors to use the facility. Simplyture offers a stress-free smart parking solution with easy payment and parking options that facilitate customers.

Smart parking solutions work by providing

1-Simply admin




5-Payment solutions


7-Contract management

You can build your parking solutions in three following ways:-

1-Fill in the survey for free

2-Wait for perfect opinion

3-Receive a proposal

You can survey by choosing your car parking type. You being a parking owner can easily trust simplyture they are barrier-free, convenient and trustworthy. With you can regularize, protect and facilitate your parking space and can attract more customers with the use of smart parking facilities technology.